My name is Michael Cygan and I have been working on this original musical for four years; though in many ways it's been a lifelong project.  I really believe in the importance of the Rosary and Eucharistic adoration so I tried to share it with others in the best way that I could.   More than anything else in the world, I pray for the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart to come soon!


Most of our cast members have been a part of Morning Star Family Holy Hour from a very young age.  We have been praying together for many years.  The spirituality and catechesis which Our Lady of Fatima teaches is profoundly and deeply rooted in our hearts.  What a gift it is to perform this musical together and share Our Lady's message of hope for the whole world.  

The musical draws from the book "In Lucia's Own Words" in which Lucia recalls the events which took place in her early life.  The music which brings the story to life is entirely original and recorded in our home studio.  My hope is that the musical tells the story simply, accurately, and beautifully.  

A special thank you to all those who made this project possible!  To the actors who shared their talent in studio and on stage.  To Morning Star Family Holy Hour for providing such a solid foundation of faith.  To Dr. Mark Miravalle for giving advice on the content of the Marian messages during the creative process.  To St. Mary of the Angel's Basilica clergy and staff who have so generously made possible our world premiere.